Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Make Money Online? - Know First The 4 Sources Of Traffic

Think about this for a second… If you are not making a lot of money online, most likely it is because you can’t get enough traffic coming to your website, right?

The equation is simple: “traffic + conversion = money”

No traffic = No Visitors = No Sales

No traffic = No List = No Money

Yes, Traffic is the holy grail of internet marketing. Without traffic, your dream of making money from home and becoming an internet millionaire remains to be just a dream.

So how do you drive traffic? How do you send visitors to your website?

First, let’s examine what are the kinds of traffic. Boy! We’re dealing with hard core strategies so let’s go beyond the usual tips like write articles, PPC or SEO. We’ll talk about that later. Let’s examine first what are these traffic sources.

There are only four (4) sources of traffic:
1. Create the traffic
2. Buy the traffic
3. Borrow

1. Create the traffic. “Build it and they will come” In the early days of the internet, this phrase is a recipe for failure. But today, the phrase is your ticket to success. Build a website targeted to your chosen market and they will come.

Use words, keywords that your chosen market are using and the search engines will guide them to you. Build good content and Google will help you.

Learn SEO techniques. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Study what Google wants. Well, whether you like it or not, Google is THE search engine. Personally, I don’t optimize for Yahoo and MSN anymore, I just target Google. The latest figures show that it has already captured almost 60% of the search market with Yahoo a far second and MSN a dismal third.

2. Buy the traffic. The words associated with this traffic source are adwords, PPC or Pay-Per-Click, advertising, etc.

Adwords is Google’s great advertising program where you can have an opportunity to have your site seen by prospects instantly. My! Have you tried it? Sign up and give it a try. You’ll be floored to see how fast your ad gets in place.

3. Borrow the traffic. This is where the power of your networking comes to play. Basically you just have to contact a partner who has a huge list of subscribers and ask him if he could announce your product to the list. Others call this Joint Venture.

4. Referral Traffic. Wow! You are a celebrity and hundreds of people are linking back to your site and promoting you. With the advent of Web 2.0 the job gets easier. Digg, Mybloglog, Technorati, Blipoo, Myspace, Squidoo are some of the sites to consider.

The beauty of the Web 2.0 as a traffic source is that it is instant. Not like SEO or article marketing which needs weeks to get visitors flowing to your site, Web 2.0 traffic is on the spot. Unlike PPC, referral traffic is free.

As a strategist, you have to understand these four traffic sources as these four have also different monetization strategies. Come back to this site and you’ll learn some strategies to make money online. (Tip: Do you know that visitors coming from the search engines are the ones that would most likely click your adsense ads? Yes. And Web 2.0 traffic are the least likely to click the ads.)

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