Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Important information

Being Google Adsense user, You have to comply with some rules or Your account will get banned and earned money will be lost.

Most common rules, which You must respect:

  • Never click on Your own ads (even for test, clicks also can't be generated automatically – they must be done by users)
  • Never encourage people to click Your ads by any way (asking friends, marking ads as better seen with signs telling to click, don’t use “click here”, only thing You can write around Google ads are words: Ads or Sponsored Links) – it’s one of most often mistakes made by webmasters, and they are losing their accounts. If one account is banned, it’s impossible to make a new one.
  • Don’t mark ads with any arrows, pulsing borders, don’t set them to pop-up or frames – just don’t make it look like “click me”
  • Don’t use any robots or scripts generating false clicks
  • Don’t put ads on any warez, porn, insulting or not polite sites
  • Don’t touch structure of the ads code – just copy and paste it, don’t do anything for Your own

If You will follow and respect these rules, You will never get banned. Google never ban accounts for free – You don’t risk unjustified lose of earned money. Of course except from following rules You can do a lot of things to maximize Your profit. How to do it was written before.